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Innovative climate adaptation with citizens (Danish only)

The Centers open Seminars and PhD Courses

The center organizes public seminars, conferences and PhD courses that you can join. More information is available at the individual event

Tuesday Colloquium

Weekly lunchmeeting, tuesdays at 12-13, with presentation of ongoing projects / work / research for mutual inspiration and debate. Lunch meetings are open for everyone. Theme and place are announced under the individual event


Internal workshops

The center organizes a number of workshops for our members and / or special guests. Themes and program can be found on the notice boards of these events

Contributions to education

The members of the Center come from different departments and teach accordingly at a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. More information about the most important of these courses can be found here


Other relevant seminars / Conferences

Conferences and seminars that we participate in, and that we find interesting for our subject area