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Birgitte Hoffmann


Institut for Planlægning / AAU-Cph

Tlf.: +45 9940 3752

Mobil: +45 2671 9694


VBN: Publikationer mm.

There exist many godd intentions within Sustainable Urban Management – but how do implement real changes?****I am interested in developing strategies for supporting the complex processes of realising sustainable innovation and transition in the built environment on issues such as liveable cities, smart cities, climate adaptation, water, low energy buildings and heat pumps. We work with the connections between single technologies and whole systems as well as between households, local projects and city perspectives. Taking a basic STS approach we work to integrate urban studies and planning as well as perspectives of practises and learning. How to bring togetherdifferent perspectives and types of knowledge? I am especially interested in the challenges of integrating citizens and user perspectives, an in relation to this the broader collaborative processes and cross sector learning. 

How are good learning processes and environments created? I have a special expertise in processes of teaching and supervision, and I work with schools, universities, and organisations to develop in action learning. I am a certified coach with a special expertise of peer coaching and supervision at universities. I currently participate in the new master programme of Sustainable cities, and supervise students from other programmes.

Finally I am engaged in sustainable development in the Artic and in the societal change in Greenland and contextualisation of technology. Huge changes are challenging both governance and liveability, and we are interested in how traditional knowledge meets knowledge from large multinational companies, and if and how the potential new industries may support local businesses and liveability? I teach at the Arctic Engineering programme anchored at DTU BYG.