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Industrial PhD

Charles Anthony Bates

Industrial PhD

Institut for Planlægning


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For the Work Function division of Danfoss Power Solutions ApS (DPS), Technology Development Projects are spaces where the functionality and reliability of inventions are negotiated and improved - in order that these inventions might be incorporated into new applications. Though the compatibility of an invention with a specific application can necessitate changes to the design of an invention, design considerations remain a consequence of concerns with the validity of the invention’s functionality and reliability in the application.

My PhD project considers technology development as a process of network formation including actors, material objects and devices that are shaped by, and in turn shape, how other DPS networks are constituted and configured. The project will develop a methodological framework, addressing how combinations of dialogue-based approaches and spatial staging of innovative processes can: 1) facilitate engagement across specialized knowledge boundaries; 2) foster common points of reference and alignment of interests across diverse stakeholders; and 3) help actors to articulate and mobilize resources within their organizations. To this end, the project will also investigate participation as power-sharing between actors with different or contradictory interests and opportunities, and how notions of reliability, validity and technology readiness are negotiated across different stakeholders in technology development processes.