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Per Richard Hansen


Institut for Planlægning / AAU-Cph

Tlf.: +45 40 75 44 22


VBN: Publikationer mm.


With a point of departure in the anthropological and ethnographic studies of work practices, professional identities and change initiatives and processes in organisations, my main research interests evolves around the human being as a learning knowledgeable individual, and a professional in a modern industrialised society, where conceptualisations of ideas and processes set the agenda.

Examples of research topics are:

- Developing new approaches to managing and changing knowledgeable professionals.

- The implementation and use of management and design concepts such as designerly thinking, circular economy, life cycle assesment, livability, resiliance etc.

- Social, economic and environmental sustainability issues in public administration, medtech, transportation, construction etc. - and in product, service and systems design in general.

- PBL and teaching activities.