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Chiara Farné Fratini

Post Doc

Institut for Planlægning / AAU-Cph

Tlf.: +45 99403755

Mobil: +45 51285880


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Chiara has a large experience in interdisciplinary approaches working at the interface between society, technology and environment both in practice and academia. She has experiences of project leading, team work and teaching in a variety of cultural contexts and competences. She is a researcher in urban planning and governance for sustainability transitions. Her theoretical work focuses on complexity science, transition theories, STS, organizational and institutional studies. Her empirical work focuses on urban innovations, management of infrastructures, environmental management, public administration and business models for urban service delivery with a privileged attention on urban water governance and practices. The major goal of her research is a deeper and critical understanding of coined terms like Sustainability, Livability, Resilience and Integrated Management to provide strategic advices for local and national actors aiming at developing “better” urban futures.

After 5 years’ experience in Engineering without Borders - Italy as project manager, member of local steering committee and national coordinator, Chiara moved to Denmark to obtain a master degree in environmental engineering and a specialization in integrated urban water management. During her master thesis, she contributed to develop a tool (The 3 Points Approach) for integrated urban water management by unfolding the meaning of water in an urban planning perspective that combines the engineering knowledge on flood risk management with the large variety of values assigned to water in the urban space, where the existing infrastructure mutually interrelate with social complexity and natural variability. In her PhD project, carried out in collaboration with Nordvand A/S, DTU Environment and the Department of Forest and Landscape at Copenhagen University, she unfolds and discusses the existing controversies between governance structures and actors’ navigation for sustainable urban transitions and provide a conceptual map of potential innovation pathways in the Danish urban water arena and its implications for future urban scenarios. The results of her PhD project represent an important base for policy advice and municipal strategies to be developed in collaboration with national and municipal actors involved in the future development of the Danish Urban Water Sector, in which Chiara will be involved during her Postdoc project.