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Associate Professor

Matthew Cashmore

Associate Professor

Institut for Planlægning / AAU-Cph

Tlf.: +45 9940 2509


VBN: Publikationer mm.

I am an Associate Professor in Environmental Assessment and Governance at the Department of Development and Planning, Aalborg University. My research focuses principally on the use of impact assessment and appraisal instruments in environmental decision-making.  I use these instruments as a lens through which to critically explore issues that cluster around the topics of knowledges, participation, power, values, justice and governance. I am interested in the use of impact assessment instruments in the construction, mobilization and performance of knowledge and meaning in contemporary societies, in developed and developing country contexts.  I employ STS (science and technology studies) approaches and in recent work, in particular, draw upon the theories and concepts of scholars such as Michel Foucault, Mark Haugaard and Nikolos Rose.