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Stine Willum Adrian


Institut for Læring og Filosofi / AAU-Cph

Tlf.: 9940 7496

Mobil: 27269307


VBN: Publikationer mm.

During the past years, Denmark has become a destination for fertility travellers in need of donor sperm. Furthermore, two of the largest sperm banks in Europe are Danish. The globalization of Danish sperm has developed parallel to the negotiations of national regulations implemented, after sperm donation as a technology was conceptualized as “ethical”.


My current project questions what the labeling of “ethical” does to a technology and its users. How do understandings of normality, sexuality, race, age, gender and kinship become part of the negotiations of “the ethical”, or in the doing of ethics in practice?


The project is based on a multi-sited ethnography. I follow how ethical boundaries are negotiated when sperm is on the border either by being exported to other countries, used in Denmark by fertility travellers, or when the Danish legislation on assisted reproduction is discussed and altered. The ethnographic material consists of observations and interviews at fertility clinics and sperm banks, legal material, and bioethical debates. 


Theoretically I draw on Karen Barad and Donna Haraway’s notion of diffractive readings. I use their understanding of accountability to question and intervene in the making of ethics in practice.