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Susse Georg


Institut for Planlægning / AAU-Cph

Tlf.: +45 3024 6496


VBN: Publikationer mm.

How do we know whether a technology, building, sectors of the economy or cities are sustainable? Such questions of performance and their evaluation are of increasing interest and importance. My research draws upon organizational economic sociology, actor network theory and the anthropology of markets, in analyzing the development of sustainable construction, innovation and cities. My research attends to the ways in which 'something' is framed or qualified as sustainable as well as to how new designs and practices are developed and attributed value. A central theme in my research is the dynamics of organizational and institutional change – the complex interplay between the two. I have published on such topics as experimentation and the development of eco-districts, the drivers and barriers for ‘greening of industry’; corporate environmental reporting and communication; corporate environmental management as a sense making process; social movements and environmental change; the role of universities in promoting environmental change; and the emergent role of project management in construction.