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You can see the DIST working papers here. Articles and books written by members of the Center for Design, Innovation and Sustainable Transitions are listed in the following:

Corrigendum to ‘Understanding comfort and senses in social practice theory, 201861

Insights from a Danish field study’ [Energy Res. Soc. Sci. 29 (2017) 86–94] (S2214629617301214) (10.1016/j.erss.2017.05.013))

    The equity impacts of bus rapid transit, 2018

    A review of the evidence and implications for sustainable transport

      Materialitet, krop og læring., 2018

      Et praksisteoretisk perspektiv

        Engineering Business, 2018

        The Co-production of Institutions, Skills and Engineering Challenges

          The Circular Economy Journey, 2018

          An analysis of how transformation spaces can support organisational transformation towards circular economy

            Passport to Parenthood., 2018

            Reproductive Pathways In and Out of Denmark