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You can see the DIST working papers here. Articles and books written by members of the Center for Design, Innovation and Sustainable Transitions are listed in the following:

Targets and teamwork, 20171120

Understanding differences in pediatric diabetes centers treatment outcomes

  • Timothy C Skinner
  • Karin S Lange
  • Hilary Hoey
  • Henrik B Mortensen
  • Henk-Jan Aanstoot
  • Luis Castaňo
  • Soren Skovlund
  • Peter Gf Swift
  • Fergus J Cameron
  • Harry R Dorchy
  • Mark R Palmert
  • Eero Kaprio
  • Jean-Jacques Robert
  • Thomas Danne
  • Andreas Neu
  • Shlomit Shalitin
  • Francesco Chiarelli
  • Giovanni Chiari
  • Tatsuhiko Urakami
  • Pål R Njølstad
  • Premyslawa K Jarosz-Chobot
  • Edna F Roche
  • Cintia G Castro-Correia
  • Mirjana Kocova
  • Jan Åman
  • Eugen Schönle
  • Timothy G Barrett
  • Lynda Fisher
  • Carine E de Beaufort

    Case study report Denmark, 201711

    Findings from case studies of ProjectZero, Renewable Energy Island Samsø and Innovation Fur