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Heat Roadmap Europe 2

Project period
1. January 2010 - 31. December 2013


A previous project, Heat Plan Denmark has indicated that district heating should be increased to support Denmark’s long-term goal of a 100% renewable energy system in 2050. In line with this, the Heat Roadmap Europe project is investigating the role of district heating in the EU27 energy system. The Heat Roadmap Europe 1 project, which was completed in 2012, outlined how district heating could enable a cheaper EU energy system, increase renewable energy utilisation and create more EU jobs.

Heat Roadmap Europe 2 investigates the role of district heating in the EU compared to an alternative where energy efficiency measures are strongly promoted and implemented. By doing so, it will be possible to

compare strategies for the heat demand in buildings in the EU27 towards 2050. District Heating is just one possible technological solution, necessary to achieve a sustainable energy system. Many others are discussed and analysed in the IDA Climate Plan 2050 and CEESA project, both investigating and promoting a wide variety of actions for Denmark to reach a 100% renewable energy system.